Acne Out

Anyone fancy a pizza?

Anyone fancy a pizza?

A few months ago I was gifted some Image Skincare Products to try out and review and as I usually do in these scenarios, I started using the products to see if they were any good. Very quickly I started to experience severe acne breakout on my cheeks and jawline. I was assured by a few skincare experts that this was a ‘purge' and was par for the course and would pass after a week or so. It didn't and five weeks later I was still experiencing very bad acne on both sides of my face. I stopped using the products but the acne has persisted since, though no longer as bad as when I was using the products. Now, this is not a poison pen piece about Image Skincare as I'm certain that they are a fantastic brand and are loved by most of the people who use them. Sadly, they didn't agree with me as they caused an unwanted reaction. In my mind, I was waiting till the autumn when the good weather would be gone so that I could try a skin peel or laser skin treatment but the appearance of acne along my jawline in the meantime was very frustrating.

A couple of weeks ago I met Catherine Morgan, the owner of Biofresh Skincare at the launch party for Miss Ireland 2019. I told Catherine about my experience with Image and my frustration with my skin since using it and she told me about a product of hers called Acne Out. She kindly posted me some Acne Out to try and I've been really impressed with it so far.


Acne Out contains a unique patented mix of ingredients that seems to do an outstanding job of preventing and clearing acne. Biofresh are adamant about the fact that their brand is paraben and toxin-free and never tested on animals either. There are three steps to the anti-acne beauty regimen. The Acne Out Kit contains a cleansing milk, an active lotion and a moisturiser – all created to help battle that acne-prone skin but gentle on the skin too. The first step to clean skin comes by using the soap which contains salicylic and lactic acids, helping to penetrate deep into the pores, removing the dirt and sebum that builds up in our skin. Using the three products together - the soap, the active lotion and the hydro-active cream – I've been very impressed by the results.

While I know that diet and lifestyle changes can contribute to acne and the worst thing is what works for one person won't work for someone else but I have found this product very effective because it does what it's supposed to do. You'll find it at McCabes Pharmacy or online at

Patrick McLoughney