How To Pick The Perfect Sunnies

“Is that Lewis Capaldi over there?”

“Is that Lewis Capaldi over there?”

Unless you're a man who enjoys squinting at the sun, chances are you own at least one pair of sunglasses. A decent pair of shades will not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but they can also be used to hide your hungover eye bags and they can instantly elevate your outfit, even if you're just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. So finding the perfect pair is extremely rewarding.


The trick to finding the right pair for you is in understanding the type of face shape you have along with the different sunglasses styles that are best suited to that facial structure. If you can (literally) get your head around this then the rest is down to personal preference and budget. In this article, I'm going to shed some light on some of the different types of face shape and the styles that are best suited to each you which should help you to make the best decision possible when purchasing your perfect pair of sunnies.


The Best Styles For Your Face Shape


As a general rule, aviator or rounded frames suit strong jawlines and defined cheekbones. The stronger the features, the bigger the glasses in order to give balance. Similarly, faces with less defined features should go for small to medium sized frames.


Oval Faces


An oval face is one where the length of the face is longer than the width of the cheekbones and the forehead is wider than the rounded jawline. Those lucky enough to have an oval face can wear pretty much any frame or style available. The only real tip I could give here is to avoid frames with arms that hang too low, as this will elongate your face.


Square Faces


Square faces have strong jawlines and cheekbones. Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline and also similar in length. As a general rule, the shape of your sunglasses should be the opposite of the shape of your face. This helps create balance by either creating or softening definition. Square faces have a lot of definition so round rims usually go best with this type of face shape as they help to soften the bolder facial features. Look to styles like aviators and Clubmasters. Nothing too large or overwhelming on the face.


Rectangular Faces


A rectangular face is very similar to a square face, the only real difference is that the length of the face is longer. Again, you want to create balance and soften sharp lines. Seek out styles that add width to the long shape of the face. Round or square frames work well here so Wayfarers, Clubmasters and D-frames are your best bets.


Round Faces


A round face is one where the angle of the jaw is not as defined. They usually have larger cheekbones and wider faces that are almost symmetrical. Using the same rule of picking a frame in the opposite shape to your face, men with round faces should seek out sunglasses that add more definition to the face. To help make your cheeks appear slimmer, go for a style with a strong, straight brow line in a size that's slightly wider than the head itself. Angular glasses will help to elongate the temples and make your face appear longer. Avoid round frames at all costs but if you can't for some reason, then go for a style that has a round bottom but still has that straight brow line.


Heart Shaped Faces


Guys with heart shaped faces tend to have chins that are pointier than the other dimensions of the face and a forehead that's wider than their cheekbones. Off all face shapes, a heart shape is the one that's most difficult to frame. Because of the narrower chin, it's important not to add more weight to the upper part of the head. Not easy when you consider the fact that sunglasses sit on the top half of the face. Clubmasters are your best bet here because they are semi-rimmed and rounded which adds some curvature to the pointed chin.


Triangular Faces


Triangular faces have large jawlines, small cheekbones and a small forehead. Since the greater definition is at the lower part of the face, it's best to look for a style that will balance out the top half. Avoid smaller frames that draw too much attention to the lower part of your face. Other than scale, you have free reign on what styles you can wear.


General Tips


Until you become familiar with the styles, shapes and colours that work best for you, you probably need to go into a store and test drive a few pairs. That's not to say you can't shop online, but it's best to wait until you've become familiar with the styles that suit you. Then you can shop around for the best price.


As with clothing, colour can be a fantastic way to inject some individuality and style to your eyewear. However, certain colours can work against your complexion or clash with your hair colour. Experimentation is the only sure fire way to get it right so again, there's a case to be made for going in-store and trying on a few different pairs.


Sunglasses are also an item that are worth pushing the boat out and spending a little extra on. Bigger bucks mean better quality and should last you years (unless you have a habit of sitting on them). Sure, it's tempting to pick up a pair on Ali-express knock offs but they don't look the same, feel the same and don't have the same protective qualities.

Patrick McLoughney