Perspirex For Men


A big thank you to the Works PR company for sending me out the brand new Perspirex for Men antiperspirant. Perspirex is a range of high-performance antiperspirants engineered specifically for people with special sweat control needs and give up to 5 days of superior protection against sweat and odour with just one application. It's clinically proven to provide superior and long-lasting protection, Perspirex is able to solve any sweat problem. The new men's range is available in two strengths – regular and maximum. To use Perspirex for men, apply to dry and unbroken skin at night. Allow it to dry fully after application. Wash off in the morning with soap and water and apply a regular scented deodorant. Use every night until the desired effect is achieved (usually takes one week). Perspirex for men is now available from Pharmacies nationwide.

Patrick McLoughney