Watch Of The Week


This week's watch of the week is the iconic Rolex GMT Master II from Keanes Jewellers. Let's be honest, Rolex watches are one of society's symbols of success around the world.  If you want people to know you've made it, then get a Rolex. While wearing a Rolex tends to exude this message of "I made it" (intentionally or not), there are, however, plenty of other reasons why buying a Rolex is a great investment and will get you on the road to horological satisfaction and connoisseurship. The original Rolex GMT was one of the first watches on the market that could tell time in two time zones at once. Essentially, Rolex added a fourth hand (the green hand with the large arrowhead, or the GMT hand) that circles the dial in 24 hours.  The great innovation at the time was to create a rotating bezel with 24-hour markers that can be adjusted as one moves to different time zones.The Rolex GMT-Master II reviewed here is the two-tone gold and stainless steel version.  It uses Rolex's famous oyster case at 40 mm and it weighs in at 160 grams.  The weight is due in part to the gold material and to Rolex's usage of high-grade 904L steel which is forged completely in-house and is supposed to be highly polishable and very resistant to corrosion.  The gold is solid 18-karat which is also used in the bezel and the dial markers. if you want a timeless classic that you can wear every day for the rest of your life while lifting your spirits and confidence, then the Rolex GMT-Master II is the watch for you. It retails for €12200 and you'll find it at Keanes Jewellers.

Patrick McLoughney