Fragrance Of The Week


This weeks fragrance is Acqua di Parma’s brand new cologne, Colonia Sandalo. Stemming from their iconic Colonia, Acqua di Parma has intensified, twisted and remixed this familiar theme into some new and surprising tunes, each one bringing something new to the brand’s catalogue of colognes. Their latest twist in the Colonia Ingredients collection, ‘Colonia Sandalo’, takes on a new, ultra-masculine signature that is suave and woody in equal measure.

Colonia Sandalo is an elegant fragrance with a refined combination of citrus top notes and rich, enveloping creamy heart notes. Using a rare and precious variety of sandalwood from India balanced with the citrus notes of Colonia, the scent captures the characteristic freshness of Bergamot and Petit Grain, with an opulent aromatic woody touch of Tonka Bean. The richness of the Sandalwood, enveloped in the sumptuous bouquet of Colonia, makes it a unique and intense fragrance that surprises from the start. I’m going to be bold and say that, out of all the Colonia editions, aside from the original (which I adore), Colonia Sandalo is my favourite.  It is smart, and sophisticated, but also a bit rugged too, which is never a bad thing.  It feels entirely approachable – an easy and affable fragrance to chuck on for every day or when the occasion for something undeniably handsome arises. Gents, it’s the kind of fragrance you need in your locker. You’ll find it in Brown Thomas for around €178.

Patrick McLoughney