David Beckham Inspired By Respect


It's been said to me a few times that I should review some fragrances that don't cost the same amount of money as a car loan repayment. So with that in mind, my fragrance of the week is ‘Inspired by Respect' by David Beckham. Building on the success of Becks 2017 fragrance ‘Respect', Inspired by Respect is billed as an artistic interpretation of the countless and diverse forms of respect that we have for friends, family, colleagues, teammates and for ourselves. That all sounds great but how does it smell? Inspired By Respect starts to impress with a nice and fresh and citrusy aroma of bergamot and grapefruit along with oriental/spicy notes of cardamom and cloves. The base calms on a woody layer made of cedarwood, amber and Iris root. Inspired by Respect is an easy-going relaxed fragrance that is perfect for weekend outings such as a breakfast or lunch, or even a few drinks with mates at the local. Perhaps the best part of all is the price point. A 40ml bottle will set you back just €23.95 and the 60ml costs just €29.95 so it's a straightforward and affordable gift idea that works if you're not sure what fragrances the receiver wears. Inspired by Respect will be a hit with the younger gent in his late teens and early twenties, and I can almost guarantee it will be a popular gift idea over the festive season. It's available now from selected pharmacies.

Patrick McLoughney