Shiseido Ibuki Sleeping Mask


The lovely people at O’Sullivan’s Pharmacy have generously provided me with some products to review on my blog. The first of which is the Shiseido IBUKI Sleeping Mask. This product is specifically designed for the skin of people in their mid-twenties to thirties and aims to refine the texture, prevent break-outs, hydrate, and help it to bounce back from damage due to environmental stresses, lack of sleep, etc. This is good news for me because that happens to be the exact age bracket and set of circumstance yours truly is in, making me a perfect guinea pig. Do you know that feeling on a really hot day when you're dying for a drink of water, and you finally take that first gulp? Well, that is what this feels like, but for your skin. Oh, and it smells great. The refreshing feel is all down to the formula; it isn't a creamy mask, but a light, non-greasy gel. Encased in that gel are little vitamin infused capsules that burst when they come into contact with skin. As the name suggests, the IBUKI Sleeping Mask is designed for night time use, and the good news is you can slap it on and go to bed as there's no peeling or removal required - just leave it to soak in and do its thing. Ease of use and application aside, I've been seriously impressed with how fresh my skin has felt come morning time. The last couple of weeks have been particularly tough in terms of my schedule, with a lot of late nights followed by really early mornings and lack of sleep, but I haven't looked like a zombie in photos thank God. Pop into O’Sullivan’s Pharmacy on O’Connell St and pick up the Shiseido IBUKI Sleeping Mask and try it for yourself.

Patrick McLoughney